Workplace Wellness – box ticking exercise?

Workplace Wellness day is upon us and the calendar fills up with bookings of talks and workshops clustered around this date. So, is this a fad? Something fashionable for a few short weeks, a box ticking exercise or is it real and genuine?

It all comes down to how your view Wellness in the Workplace on your balance sheet – is it a cost or is it an investment? Is this a short term, quick fix, band-aid type solution which doesn’t really mean anything other than marking some dates on a calendar, posting some pictures on internal systems and maybe a few on social media to look good? I have worked as Wellness Consultant in these organisations and know the story. There is a panic to do something, anything around certain public dates which the media deems as Wellness days and promote this profusely.

Equally, I have worked in organisations who value the wellness of their employees and constantly evaluate how they can improve it. These organisations see healthy and balanced employees as intrinsic to the productivity and growth of their business and thus invest in their people. They want their people to be happy and enjoy their work and know that employee engagement and morale correlates positively to ongoing wellness initiatives in the workplace and not just ad-hoc events.

If you are an organisation who values healthy employees and understands the benefits to the whole organisation and the bottom line, of employees who are happy and well, then I want to work with you! I can provide a customised Corporate Wellness Plan in place to suit your needs putting your employees wellness at the centre of the service. The services includes talks, workshops and on-site complementary therapies delivered on an on-going basis.  

If you wish to have a chat about how we can work together; email and let’s get the ball rolling! 

Belinda Murphy:

I have over seventeen years’ industry experience which includes seven years working in a corporate environment and eight years working with SME’s and three years self-employed and founder of B’inspire.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce from UCC, Masters in Business Studies from NUI Galway and Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from ILM. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, hold a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, Diploma in Holistic Massage and Fetac level 6 Train the Trainer. I operate my own private clinic treating clients on a one to one basis.

I apply wellness tools and training uniquely and creatively in the business environment as my business background equips me with a knowledge and first-hand experience of stress, anxiety, worry and politics in the workplace.

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