Wellbeing in the Workplace

‘Wellbeing’ has become so topical and on-trend that it bothers me. I am always so wary of new bandwagons and fashionable trends which are always short term and without much substance. There are so many tick-the-box type wellbeing events and programmes in organisations that it is no wonder the real meaning of Wellbeing is getting lost. Recently I was delivering on-site wellbeing therapies as part of a wellbeing event and someone said to me; ‘This is all lovely but I really just want Christmas Day off to spend with my family’. Have organisations just taken a surface layer approach to Wellbeing with maximum visibility of something happening on the outside that looks good rather than making a real impact on what matters to its people?

I conduct and deliver Wellbeing Audits in organisations with a more holistic approach in order to gauge the real impact of Wellbeing. Wellbeing cannot just be yoga classes and bowls of fruit in isolation. The audits I conduct embrace all these elements; physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, leadership impact, communication and performance. Strange? When you look at what matters to people in the organisation and how each element effects the other; its not strange at all. In fact, it has got to be a holistic approach in order to make a difference. That is what I am about and not a tick-the-box type provider or speaker.

The World Health Organisation has now classified ‘burnout’ as an actual medical condition. Time to wake up and start looking after our employees! If employers continue to ignore the importance of Wellbeing and the impact on the whole organisation, they will loose good people to illness, stress, burnout, apathy. Guess what? People make organisations. People make businesses. People buy people.

I practice what I preach.

I walk the talk.

I have so much experience in the corporate and health worlds and helping people from the inside out.

I have personal examples that I share so people can connect and open up.

When I am honest, people start to be honest with themselves.

I connect and engage people by being me and embracing my human-ness.

If you wish to have a chat about how this type of Wellbeing would work in your organisation, please contact me: belinda@belindamurphy.com or 00353 87 9584430. Happy to talk!

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