School Wellness

Delivering Wellness Programmes to ensure students feel listen to and supported to enhance their mental health to manage anxiety, stress, depression and help build resilience.

School Wellness

As we emerge from a global health pandemic and are re-learning social norms again, this can be a very fearful and stressful place for teenagers. The requirement to teach extra Wellness hours at secondary level by the Department of Education without much direction or resources, has placed secondary schools in a predicament. I am here to help as I have been working in this area for the past seven years at all levels. I am passionate about teaching children tools and techniques to help with anxiety and stress which affect all aspects of their wellbeing.

The School Wellness Programmes are aimed at secondary schools and for primary school and pre-school programmes, please go to my other site @bellathebutterflylove on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

Teachers have also been through and are going through very stressful times with so much uncertainty and change. I offer Wellness Workshops also for staff.

To equip students with life skills to help with their overall Wellness.


School Wellness Programmes

Wellness & Mindfulness or Personal Development/ Life Skills

Module overview

Empathy Programme

Narrative 4 (N4) is a global network of educators, students and artists who use art and storytelling to build empathy between students while equipping them to improve their communities and the world. Using our core methodology, the story exchange, we help students understand that their voices, stories, actions and lives matter, and that they have the power to change, rebuild and revolutionize systems.

Today, Narrative 4 is working in four continents, sixteen countries, and eighteen US states. The global headquarters are in New York City and the N4 Ireland global centre is located in Limerick, Ireland. and

Module overview

Pre-Exam Stress Reduction Techniques

This is a class to teach Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle students tips and techniques to help deal with anxiety and exam nerves. This class equips the students with breathing techniques and a mindset more resilient to stressful situations.

Meditation Classes

This is a class which uses visualisation and guided meditation to bring about more balanced wholeness in the individual, suitable for staff and students. Meditation has been proven to enhance the pre-frontal cortex which helps with focus and clarity.

** All classes listed are adjusted to the maturity of the students involved. All classes involve interactive material, and an outside area is recommended, weather permitted, to deliver some of the classes **

Staff Wellness

Talks and workshops can be designed with the time frame available for delivery in the following topics:

Talks are one hour in length and workshops can be either a half day or full day event.

Wellbeing Mentoring Programme

Transitioning to a new school can be an exciting yet challenging experience. This Wellbeing Mentoring Programme identifies senior cycle students, often transition year students, to be trained as mentors to help first year students transition to life in the school with care and compassion. The mentors have a crucial role in supporting and guiding the new students through this process ensuring their wellbeing, stresses and anxieties will be cared for in an empathetic manner to ensure a more enjoyable experience of this new life change.

Life has changed radically for us all post Covid and this Wellbeing Mentoring Programme recognises the impact on the mental and emotional health of students.


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