Reiki Training

Reiki is an energy balancing tool to help self-regulation of the whole body, mind and spirit and raise your own energy levels in a mindful manner.

Reiki Training

I teach Usui Reiki at all levels with full certification and access to professional group insurance scheme. Reiki 1 is when we learn to give ourselves an energy self-treatment. Reiki 2 is when we are qualified to give a Reiki treatment to others. Reiki Mastership is a 6 month programme at the next level and Reiki Master Teacher is another 6 month programme to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

Reiki 1 Training:
This is a day of self-development and education in a very relaxed setting.

To teach the participant a life tool to help balance their energy while also enjoying a day of self-development and education in a relaxed setting.

Who is this Programme for?
If you are interested to learn how to boost your own energy, balance your emotions, reduce stress levels and become more calm in a very relaxed bubble; then this is for you!
No previous training in this area required just an openness to learn and be yourself.



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Become certified by Usui Reiki and qualified in Reiki 1 at the end of the course by Reiki Master Teacher Belinda Murphy.