Body and Soul

The connection between the tangible physical body and the intangible spirit soul part of us has intrigued humanity for generations. This is not a matter of what you believe but rather what you can experience for yourself. Here are various workshops, group trainings and programme to help you experience this connection for yourself.

Ancestral Healing Workshop

Celebrating our Ancestors by connecting with their Light.

We exist because of all the love, dreams, hopes, sacrifices, hard work, endurance, strife of all those that came before us; our ancestors. We are deeply grateful to them and by connecting with their energy we can learn and heal so much for future generations. This workshop will help you connect more deeply with your own ancestors and heal your present situation with their assistance and blessing.

We all carry trauma with us from childhood and sometimes with the assistance of the helping ancestors, we can learn self-compassion and acceptance in our healing journey.

Workshops blends meditation, energy talk, connection with spirit world, ancestral learning and healing from the past to present day.


Mindfulness Meditation

Guided meditation group with breathing techniques and visualisation to help with relaxation and connection to Source. These groups range from all backgrounds, abilities and interests. If you already have a group set up with wish to get a quotation for mindfulness meditation classes to suit the needs of your group, please contact me.

Spiritual Development Programme

Over the past years, I have found myself connecting deeper and more powerful with Source when in Nature, through the breath, through various Spiritual Initiations. By living through my own darkness, I have found a massive shift in energy which has given me more direct access to Source and guidance. I have become more confident and trusting of my own intuition and I have been guided to set up this programme to guide you to listen to your own intuition and embrace your own means of connecting with Source in a way that brings you acceptance, healing and peace.

Programme Aim
To help you enhance your natural spiritual connection with Source.

Who is this Programme for?
You do not need to have any certain level of experience or qualification in any healing modality or therapy to join this programme. You need to be open to connecting deeper with yourself and with Source.

SPIRITUAL PROGRAMME Development 6 month programme One face to face class every month for 4 hours Support and contact with group and teacher during the month Journaling and Spiritual practice routine as homework Location TBA and may vary each month

€1,500 or €250 per class

What’s involved?
This programme incorporates: Meditation, Chanting, Breathing, Healing, Light code transmissions, Spiritual initiations, Shamanism and all additional guidance intuitively received.


Holistic Health Hub

Gathering of like-minded people to discuss all things Holistic Health.

This Holistic Health Hub is a gathering of people interested to learn more about what Holistic Health is all about. This is a safe space to ask questions and to listen to others with similar experiences.

“Mental Health”,  “holistic”, “mindfulness”, “meditation”…these terms have become assimilated into our normal vocabulary but do we really understand what they mean? Maybe we are afraid to ask exactly what they mean and if there is any relevance to us?

What my clients say

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