Belinda Murphy Wellness Services


Reiki is an energy balancing tool to help self-regulation of the whole body, mind and spirit and raise your own energy levels in a mindful manner. Reiki 1 training is a day of self-development and education in a very relaxed setting.

To teach the participant a life tool to help balance their energy while also enjoying a day of self-development and education in a relaxed setting.

Who is this Programme for?
If you are interested to learn how to boost your own energy, balance your emotions, reduce stress levels and become more calm in a very relaxed bubble; then this is for you!
No previous training in this area required just an openness to learn and be yourself.


Retreats Ireland

Having a day to reboot, replenish and recalibrate your body, mind and spirit to higher vibrations in the surroundings of Mother Nature is the essence of these retreats.

We focus on simplicity, on eliminating the ‘things’ we need to make a day successful and embrace the abundance and guidance all around us.

Life is busy. We all have responsibilities and obligations however we too often let it go too late before we focus on our own wellbeing. These retreats are self-care days to focus on rebooting from all the daily buzz that becomes our norm. When we reboot our system and allow it time to breathe and rest, like any appliance, after the rest, we switch it back on and it works perfectly again!

Mother Nature is my guide and I work intuitively with Her and the groups to help replenish and nourish with the aid of mindfulness, meditation, chanting, Reiki, Shamanism and nature. These days are reflective, restful, and mindful.

When we attune our energies to the higher vibrations magic happens.

Body & Soul

The connection between the tangible physical body and the intangible spirit soul part of us has intrigued humanity for generations. This is not a matter of what you believe but rather what you can experience for yourself. I hold various workshops, group trainings and programme to help you experience this connection for yourself.


Workplace Wellness

I worked in corporate for seventeen years and I am very familiar with the politics, pressures and stresses in such environments. I have delivered workplace wellness and mindfulness talks and workshops to numerous multinational corporate organisations all over Ireland some of which include:

Abbott, Action Point, Adare Manor, Advant Medical Ltd, Alkermes Athlone, Avery Dennison, Beckton Dennison, CIPD, Coca Cola, Core HR, DAA, Eli Lily, Engine Lease Finance Corporation, First Data, Gilead Sciences, Goodmann Medical, Heat Merchants, HID Global, Icon, Irish League of Credit Unions, IWA Galway, Kempt Technologies, Kerry ETB, Lyric FM, Mentor Graphics, Musgraves, Northern Trust, Otter Products, Voxpro, Quest, VM Ware, Sanofi, Sisks, Transition Opticals, Udaras, Virgin Media, Wipro, Wright Medical, Wyeths, Schneider Electric, Holmes O’Malley Sexton, VHI, Emloyability Limerick.

School Wellness

As we emerge from a global health pandemic and are re-learning social norms again, this can be a very fearful and stressful place for teenagers. The requirement to teach extra Wellness hours at secondary level by the Department of Education without much direction or resources, has placed secondary schools in a predicament. I am here to help as I have been working in this area for the past seven years at all levels. I am passionate about teaching children tools and techniques to help with anxiety and stress which affect all aspects of their wellbeing.

The School Wellness Programmes are aimed at secondary schools and for primary school and pre-school programmes, please go to my other site @bellathebutterflylove on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

Teachers have also been through and are going through very stressful times with so much uncertainty and change. I offer Wellness Workshops also for staff.


Private Appointments

Private appointments available in person or online with Belinda for energy healing and holistic coaching. If you are unsure what exactly you are looking for, reach out and we can discuss.