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Did you ever have a dream that was so real you needed to share it as a message to others?

Last night I dreamt I was driving my own car in my local familiar city, familiar streets, familiar routes. I noticed in the front passenger was my best friend of old and we were happy talking while I was driving in familiar territory. Then I stopped to pick up three unknown hitch-hikers that I felt sorry for and offered to drive them to their destination which was out of my way.

I started to struggle with routes in this familiar city and became more and more agitated at myself for not knowing my way. I kept checking in with the three free-loaders in the back seat to make sure they were ok and didn’t want them to suspect that I was struggling. My best friend kept talking and didn’t notice I was lost. I didn’t have a handsfree car kit, which would have made life easier, so when I put in a familiar town near my destination on google maps, I couldn’t read it and drive. Hands free would have meant I could see and drive but it frustrated me more when google maps didn’t speak the directions but only visually gave them.

I was getting more stressed so I asked my best friend to help me but she was busy talking so much at me, she wasn’t listening to my pleas for help. I didn’t want the three back passengers to notice that anything was wrong and wanted them to think that I knew where I was going, after all I was the driver!

Then we approached a vertical hill with an incline so steep we all had to get out of the car and push it uphill (remember, this is a dream). We all thought this normal and proceeded to walk and push the car up the hill. We came across flood water on the road and I had to turn around and all the while going deeper and deeper into unknown territory. Nothing looked familiar anymore.

Then I looked around and we were in a strange housing estate. I stopped the car to reset and reroute the google maps sat nav but there was no signal. I could see from the initial map outline that the road I wanted to get on was just outside the housing estate but I couldn’t get out of the housing estate. The Wi-Fi connection was so bad I had to put down the device and look around. Back to basics. I thought there might be exit signs like in a car park, but this was a housing estate so no such signs existed. The noise from my best friend was becoming unbearable and the obligation and responsibility towards the back-seat passengers was stifling me. I got out of the car to ask for directions from the residents but there was nobody home in any of the houses.

I couldn’t breathe. I woke up!  

Who are your back-seat passengers you take around with you, go out of your way for, take on all their issues and become more and more stressed because of it?

Who is that ‘best friend’ who is good when times are good but when you are struggling doesn’t even notice or know you need help?

Having a great Wi-Fi connection to source solves so many problems when we are lost. Do you have a connection to source, whatever or whoever you believe that source to be, who guides you when you are lost?

Then when you loose that connection for whatever reason, distractions, stresses, noises…how do you get back on track?

My suggestion…you WAKE UP!

Waking up looks different for so many people. I can help you wake up. I can help shake you awake which isn’t pleasant or I can gently tug you until you wake. Either way, it’s what I do in Holistic Coaching. My approach is so customise and so individual because each and every one of us is so different with different background, stories, behaviours etc.

If any of this resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you.

Belinda Murphy, B’inspire,,,, 00353 87 9584430

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