Protecting yourself in Toxic Work Environments

I travel in and out of corporate environments all the time delivering talks and workshops on various topics regarding Corporate Wellness. I love what I do. I love engaging with people. I love sharing my story to help others. I love making a difference. Along with all that, I am a natural empath and feel energies. I teach Reiki which is a tool used to unblock and balance our own energies and I am very tuned into the energies around us.

I enter work places and I can read the energy immediately. Sometimes the vibes are so positive that they are almost tangible. Other times, I am sorry to say, the energy is toxic. I know that I can leave after my work is done however my heart goes out to the people who work in those toxic environments each and every single day. I used to work in such places so I am familiar with what it feels like. Sometimes it feels like it is all out of our control and we have no choice but to just put up with it. I have news for you…

While you may decide that leaving such a toxic environment is non-negotiable, please note that how you hold yourself, how you react, how you speak, your tone, your body language, your smile, your thoughts have a massive impact on yourself and those around you and this is something you most definitely can control.

If you do this and constantly try to keep positive but the energy around you is still stifling, here is a little tool that has helped me and countless others I have shared this with to help protect your own energy in a toxic environment. It can be used if you know you are going into a situation, a meeting, an interaction which you don’t feel comfortable about but must be done.

Take three deep breaths. By ‘deep’ I mean belly breaths where you see your chest get exaggerated big with each in-breath and your belly get exaggerated big with each out-breath. Sigh out any worry, anxiety or stress on the out-breath. Now close your eyes. (difficult to read the next bit and close your eyes lol!). Place your two feet on the ground and unfold your arms. Rest into your normal breath. Track your breath; in and out. Now imagine you are in a bubble of white light. In this bubble you are safe and protected. No negative energies can enter. You can give out your kind and compassionate energies but nothing negative can come in. Breath in the space of protection and safety within the bubble. Sit and enjoy this space to feel its peace.

Each time you need to go to a toxic environment just imagine you are in this bubble. ‘Practice makes perfect’ and overtime it will become a natural state. I generally do this as a mindful meditation with people and relax them into a state where they feel peace and calm so that imagining the bubble around them becomes easier and natural.  This technique when practiced often can become a powerful tool to enable you to continue to get your work done and not take on the toxic energies around you.

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