Pick your Step

“Pick your Step!” was a phrase my grandmother used to say all the time when trying to meander through our farm landscape. As you can imagine, the dirty and slippery surfaces were difficult to negotiate sometimes as a child. As an adult, surfaces are still dirty and slippery for me, so I am constantly brought back to her saying; Pick your Step.

Nana meant just pick one step at a time and the next will become clear and it always always worked.

As I sometimes wrestle with life decisions and uncertainty about which path to choose, I think of her.

I think about just decide one baby step at a time and the path will emerge. Life can throw all sorts of mucky, gritty, dangerous challenges at us but knowing I always get through them is more than enough for me to put one foot in front of the other in a very mindful way just focusing on the present moment, just focusing on one step at a time. Sometimes it may appear as if boulders have been placed in our way and we have no control over our path; know we can always choose our next step and sometimes its not the obvious ones…jump over, roll under, shimmy sideways, propel yourself forwards and upwards…endless options really once we think differently.  

Think one step at a time

Think one moment at a time

You have control of each step no matter how foreboding the external environment and the inclement conditions

Pick your Step!

Belinda Murphy is a Wellness Consultant bringing Wellness to your Business environment, belinda@belindamurphy.com, 087 9584430. 

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