Of course Size Matters!

Of course Size Matters!

It’s a question often posed by so many problem pages, fashion magazines…Does Size Matter? Of course it does; we all want more, more extra free, more bang for buck, more smore!

I recently made a big life change. I moved house. Not just any house. I finally moved Home to where home always was for me and it was one of my dreams. I moved from a 4/5 bedroom detached house in an estate outside a medium sized town in Ireland which was close to all conveniences; shops, cinema, schools etc. I lived in the house for 13 years and as much as I tried, it never felt like home. It had everything I could want, every modern gadget, beautiful kitchen with island, fabulous fireplace, wooden floors, lovely light fittings, little garden outside…but never home.

Then some may say I was mad and I’m ok with that these days. I’m getting better with time to not let the opinions of others bother me. We moved to a 177 year old 2 bedroom pre famine cottage. We restored this to a home with a small budget, hard work by my partner, my parents and I, lots of paint and bucket loads of love. This cottage is where my grandmother lived and her family before her. It is home. It is so small compared to the previous dwelling and we have had to seriously downsize and declutter which is not a bad thing. It really is amazing what we collect and think we ‘need’ compared to what we actually need; not a lot. I have a partner and three children and not only do we all ‘fit’ in the cottage, we all belong here and love that we are now part of its DNA, part of its story, part of its energy.

Size matters! I look at the size of our smiles now and I cannot put into words how it fills me up to see my partner and children truly smiling from their hearts. I hear the laughter and giggles of my children outside on the trampoline in the distance or playing with the dogs in the nearby fields and the sounds of freedom fill the air with utter love. I listen to the birds that abundantly surround us and feel part of their beautiful simple natural world. I see the size of my children’s eyes when I announce a rare trip to the cinema which was taken for granted before and it fills me with so my joy that they now know what gratitude is. I feel the size of our arms much bigger now that we have decluttered so much material stuff, we have made way for more…more love, more light, more laughter, more fun, more space, more of everything that matters.

Yes of course Size Matters and it truly boils down to what you are measuring. I used to measure the size of my life by the square footage of a building, the year of make of a car, my bank balance, rows of beautiful shoes and sparkly dresses. Now I measure the size of smiles, laughter, hugs, space, peace, freedom and lots and lots of unconditional love.

Home at last xxx  

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