Mindful Leadership

The fast pace of change in management, people and organisations leave opportunities and gaps for improvement. Managers take on many roles but one that is most beneficial to the organisation is that of a Leader, a good Leader. Are Leaders born or is it a learned skill? Our contention is that we can harness the natural emotional intelligence of managers and experience to combine with learned skills and mindfulness to make good leaders over time. We believe the space for people to develop and evolve to their natural Leadership style is something that can be mindfully achieved.

We have developed a programme which helps to develop self-leadership, communication and people skills of leaders in a mindful manner which harnesses the emotional intelligence skillset to increase employee engagement and organisation productivity. Mindful Leadership has proven to inspire people in the workplace and tap into their creativity thereby increasing an organisations overall innovation levels. This programme will assist to create leaders who adapt to change, are more resilient to workplace challenges and are more clear in their vision and strategy for the organisation.

We cover topics like:

·        Mindfulness as a tool in Leadership and People Development

·        Communicate to be understood and engage

·        Talent Development of people to fill their potential gap and contribute to the organisation

·        Team Work for the overall benefit of the organisation

·        Emotional Intelligence and the modern, mindful leader

We believe in Leaders who step up and ultimately inspire others and want to encourage more potential leaders to do this. We encourage Innovation and Creativity by creating a space for people to contribute in a non- judgemental manner, self-lead and performance manage to achieve results. We help people to adapt to change in the workplace both internal and external by creating more resilience in leaders who incorporate mindfulness tools. We understand the importance of increased Employee Engagement and Productivity of the organisation by having happy people doing their work well.

If this appeals to you…then contact us to explore how Mindful Leadership would benefit your organisation.


Belinda Murphy 087 9584430 belinda@belindamurphy.com

or Brian Downes 086 0244888 brian@brian-downes.com

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