Mental Health – taboo or trendy conversation topic?

We hear so much about mental health these days that I wonder do we ever relate the information to ourselves? Are we too busy sympathising with another persons’ mental health story, too busy collecting sponsorship for a mental health charity, too busy talking about another person’s mental health problem, that we don’t look at ourselves? In a world filled with ease of access to news, information, photos, contacts; when do we take time to access our mind? Are we afraid to open the box for fear of what we may unravel therefore better leave best alone and be seen to be a good person on the outside?

For me, mental health is as important as physical health, emotional health, financial health or spiritual health. For me it’s about taking care of my mind and what goes on inside it whether I am aware of the thoughts or not. It’s about me taking time out to give my mind a break from the hustle bustle of trying to make sense of everything. For me, mental health, like all health pillars mentioned above, is all about maintenance and not waiting until it is broken before fixing it. I believe in holistic health care and I believe in looking after myself body, mind and soul; in no particular order and the order varies on the day of the week very randomly.

I listen to my gut and it tells me what to do. Today for example; it is screaming at me to go for a long walk regardless of weather with baby in buggy and breathe in the fresh air to boost up my mind care. On the outside, it may look like I do it for physical health but today it’s for my mind. We all have our favourites and what works for me may not work for you. For some people looking after their mind may involve cycling, writing, painting, chopping wood, running on the beach, playing with the dog, music, driving with windows open, meditation, yoga, dancing… It is different for everyone and the trick is to find what it is your love and note that when you are doing it, you completely switch off. A shopping spree to Penny’s doesn’t qualify as mind care activity…as much as it really works on my short-term happiness…it has to be something that works long term, doesn’t cost much and can be accessed when needs be.

Mental health is very real and is an on-going process. Mental care activity is preventive ‘medicine’ for our mind and the more we practice this, the more we can reach balance in our being. Speaking about mental health is wonderful but acting on our own mental health care is even more wonderful. Taking responsibility for our mental health and putting a better version of ourselves back into the world after mental health care activity is even more stunning.

Find what you love to do: switch off: enjoy: please repeat!

Belinda Murphy is the founder of B’inspire and mommy to three earth angels. Belinda works with organisations to deliver Corporate Wellness Programmes and specialises in group mindfulness, on-site complementary therapies and talks/ workshops on positive mental health in the workplace. B’inspire also delivers and leads Corporate Wellness retreats for team building and leadership skills. 00353 87 9584430

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