I represent Me

I signed up for an event recently and I was asked ‘Who do you represent?’

After a little pause and a wry smile, I happily said ‘I represent me’.

Self-employment has many cliché ups and downs. I embarked on this route some four years ago with a reasonably good idea of what it took to get set up, legal side, tax side, financial side, marketing side and of course product/ service side. I had spent the previous eight years giving advise to people wishing to set up their own business so I had a certain knowledge to start with. I also had the passion and conviction in my business which is a pre-requisite for any sole trader. I had found what I truly loved and wanted to share with the world in exchange for money.

What I didn’t know what the doubts and self-doubts that creep in every so often. The self-questioning of ‘are you sure you know what you are at?’ to ‘get a job and stable income’. The scale of doubt varies depending on the mindset swings therefore I find it so helpful to keep myself balanced, grounded and confide in a good coach.  I am beyond blessed that my life partner is actually an excellent executive coach so I have a serious perk when I need it. However, on a daily basis I have to give myself my own pep talks. Remind myself why I am doing this and why I am doing this solo.

Each time I attend an event, I speak at a conference, I coach a client…each time I go to the school gates, the shops, interact with people…I represent me. I am my own walking talking marketing machine, in good times and bad. How I hold myself and how I am is who I am selling to the world.

I hid behind other organisations, industries in the past when employed. It was easy to say my role was X with company Y.

Now it’s different.

I am Belinda Murphy.

I work for myself.

I walk my talk.

I represent me.

Sending this special blog post to all self-employed people today…chin up. The fact you get to represent yourself in the world is awesome. The fact you have the courage to stand out from the crowd and be recognised in your own right is awesome. The fact you get out of bed every morning without monthly income certainty on a gut feeling that ‘today is the day’, is awesome. The fact you stand up and are counted each and every day in your own shoes is awesome.

Well done guys, lets keep representing ourselves, walking our talk and standing tall!

Belinda Murphy, Wellness Consultant and Professional Speaker

www.belindamurphy.com, 00353 87 9584430

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