Health is Wealth

Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk?

‘Your health is your wealth’ is a common phrase used by most of us to state the obvious however how many of us actually pay any heed to what this actually means. For most, it is lip service, at most. While we will insist being healthy is everything to us; our actions in reality can completely go against this assumption.

In the Western world, we generally look for quick fix solutions to our problems including health in which case an illness can be quickly mended by a prescription of medicine following a visit to a doctor. In more serious cases, we visit a consultant or a more experienced professional to look for a remedy to our ailment and once again we gladly and without question hand over our cash for the solution. We have become reactive to our health and only think about our health when we have a problem that needs a solution and will at any cost pay for it. In my opinion, this is handing over power of our own health care to strangers with a short term view on a cure to an illness without questioning their motives or costs. We live lives that involve convenience consumption of toxic foods, work in environments that cause so much stress, know we are missing out on something but have no clue what this ‘something’ is and don’t spend any time or investment in searching for the answer because we are too busy keeping up with the rat race that have become our ‘norm’. Then we get sick and want a quick solution so we can get back to the wheel of turning work to money to work without much regard for relationships, human interactions or life fulfilling purposes.

If we look at the Eastern philosophy to health and what it means, there is much more focus on being proactive with our own health, looking at prevention of illnesses and maintenance of good health rather than waiting for some illness to knock us down and then look for a solution. The approach is one of a more long term view and embodies a holistic approach to health being composed of a balanced lifestyle, fresh wholesome food, good nutrition for the body, mental wellbeing and emotional wellbeing. The approach focuses on the positive aspects of health and wellbeing and encourages people to invest in their health and lifestyle on an on-going daily basis and to truly value their health as an aspect of their abundance. The result is that people are in general healthier and happier and live longer.

So when I talk to people who pay lip service regarding ‘your health is your wealth’ but yet see the cost of on-going maintenance of their health and wellbeing as expensive, I question our understanding of ‘wealth’ and ‘health’. Is our meaning of wealth solely based on financial? If we are healthy, then we need less doctors therefore we are more financially well off! Whereas, if we look at health from an abundance perspective; an abundance and wealth of happiness, of peace of mind, of emotional freedom, of balance in living; then this leads us to a very different understanding of ‘health’ and ‘wealth’.

B’inspire is about encouraging ongoing maintenance of wellbeing in all aspects; nutritional, emotional and mental wellbeing. We have packages to cater for your needs based on an audit of your current life situation. It is all about how you view your health. What does being healthy mean to you? What value do you put on your health? More importantly, what investment are you willing to put into your health?

B’inspire offers mindfulness programmes for mental wellbeing, energy healing and workshops for emotional wellbeing and holistic life coaching to review of current life situation and put action in place to make changes towards abundance in true wealth and health.

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