Get Real!!

Get real!

Stop acting!

Stop pretending!

Stop faking!

Be you!

I have been faced with mortality right in the face in the past couple of hours. In that raw, heart torn-open space, I saw realness. I saw people let down their guard, take off their masks and stop pretending to be someone they are not. I saw genuine kindness. I saw humanity come to the fore and all grievances, preconceived judgments of another be dropped and the space be filled with so much love, light, hugs, eyes wrapping eyes in soul embraces and so many cups of tea!

Why does it take mortality to do this?

Why can we not do this every single day?

What can’t we just be ourselves?

Just a few hours before this event, I met someone for the first time who later said I was a ‘breath of fresh air’. All not so coincidentally, just a short time earlier, I had a phone call with someone for the first time who said it was refreshing to hear someone talk the truth.

Work is where we spend most of our waking day; why can’t we be ourselves at work? Lead with purpose, lead with integrity, stand up for our values, dare to make a difference, help others, be kind?

I am done with masks, done with pretending, done with playing games.

Life is for living, for loving and most especially for being ourselves.

Unapologetically ourselves actually!

If you are a leader who wants to help your team be themselves, lead with intention, be fulfilled in all aspects and genuinely care about your people…I want to talk to you! I can help you and your team be happier.

Belinda Murphy

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