Energy At First Sight

We have all heard of love at first sight. Many don’t believe in it and for years I fell into that category. I was skeptical that someone could be so certain about falling in love at the first moment they laid eyes on their future partner, let alone believe that it could be reciprocal, that was another matter altogether. Hindsight would prove to me that trusting my initial gut feeling regarding my potential partner would have been more fruitful but instead I listened to my head in the past and suffered dearly.

Time heals, lessons were learned and as I moved onwards and upwards energetically my approach to finding a new partner was very different. It was the day my legal judicial separation was granted where I spent the whole day in the legal realm and by close of business I was officially separated/ free. It was like my fairy godmother waved her magic wand and magic happened. I attended a work event that night so full of joy, freedom and happiness that I felt so open to all possibilities. I was involved in organising the event and as was normal for me I would usually make my presence known and move to the top of the room to be with the speakers and other organisers. Noting that everyone was in a standing not sitting position. However, I strangely noticed that I was moving from the top of the room backwards. It felt like someone was pulling me backwards away from the top of the room, away from the action, away from the egos. I obeyed. I completely trusted in this magnetic pull. It was like I was hovering above myself and couldn’t understand why I was going in the direction I was going. I couldn’t make logical sense of it. I just surrendered. Then I stopped. And found my glaze averted to my right, not to the speakers at the front of the room, not to the content of their talk but total concentration to my right. I sensed an energy that I liked but couldn’t explain. It was a pull. I couldn’t see the person but saw the outline. It was enough for me to make inquiries afterwards.

Three months later this individual that I was so magnetically drawn to contacted me to arrange a work meeting. I felt excited for no logical reason and couldn’t wait to meet him face to face. He didn’t disappoint. The minute I met him, I was met with his handshake but literally threw myself into his arms (work meeting!) like a reunion of sorts. Then I was locked in his magical green eyes for what seemed like an eternity. It was energy at first sight, feeling, embrace. It was totally magnetic. I did manage to pull myself away and engage in a work-like meeting but didn’t want the reunion to end.

That was exactly five years ago. I met my energy match. I met my soul mate. I met my twin flame. We got it together. We are so happy. We now have a little girl and our family of five is magical.

I believe in energy. I believe in magnetic push and pull from and to people. I believe in magic.

Thank you Fairy Godmother xxx 

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