Do you ‘Get It’?

Wellbeing is intrinsic to your business.

Wellbeing is about how your people are, feel and think.

People make your business work.

Minding your people is paramount to success.

Wellbeing is the key.

Do you ‘get it’?

I have encountered so many organisations who see Wellbeing as a box ticking exercise to roll out events every now and again. Wellbeing is viewed as maybe a nice-to-have basket of fruit in the canteen, maybe an ice-cream van during the summer on-site or a visit from local pet centres. Wellbeing is portrayed as a tangible photographical object or event so management can say they ‘do’ Wellbeing.

I have news for you! That is not Wellbeing!

In my experience and interactions with various industries and organisations, Wellbeing is the intangible feeling, interactions, communications, chats, vibes, glue that are felt by all. Some call it culture. Call it what you want but it’s the feeling of wanting to come to work, of wanting to go over and above for someone for no monetary gain, of wanting to participate, of wanting to help, of wanting to share, of actual caring for people in the workplace. This can of course happen ad-hoc and in clusters and bursts but for long term effect on bottom line, people have got to feel that they are Well in the workplace. This is something that has to be practiced by every single person but most especially those in leadership.

Too often, Wellbeing is outsourced to Health and Safety or H.R. to ‘sort out’. For maximum productivity and engagement results in your organisation with best input from every single person, each person in leadership has got to practice minding their people and communicating with respect. Here’s the key; leadership actually have got to ‘care’ about their people…mind them, look after them. Sometimes that looks like a cup of tea, other times it looks like an ear to listen, other times its referral to therapists. It will look different each and every time because we are all so unique with needs that vary and change depending on our life circumstances.

Today, I’m asking you leaders of the future….do you care about your people?

If so, how do you show them?

Is it enough?

If you want help with designing your Corporate Wellness plan, please drop me a line; Belinda 00353 87 9584430.

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