Complementary Therapist on-site – not just ‘nice to have’

Wellbeing in the workplace is becoming more important for employers because of the impact to their bottom line. Organisations are beginning to understand the link between an engaged happy employee and performance on the job; equally the link between a stressed unproductive employee and absenteeism and illness.

So what do complementary treatments mean in a work environment? Masseuse on tap? Are there real benefits or just a nice to have rub every now and then?  

Investing in having a complementary therapist on-site results in employees having a tangible and visible support for their wellbeing especially their mental wellbeing in the workplace. Complementary therapies offer employees opportunity to destress, reboot and refocus which have a direct impact on employee morale and engagement.

B’inspire offers the following complementary therapies; Reiki, Holistic Massage, Energy Head Massage, Chair Massage (Head, Neck and Shoulders) and Mindfulness. All therapies are one-to-one except mindfulness which accommodates as many as can comfortably fit in a room. The Mindfulness sessions we offer consist of guided meditations to help employees reboot their systems and the results are powerful. Mindfulness sessions have maximum impact with minimum effort from employees, totally accessible and proven results that it works.

But don’t just take my word for it…testimonials from clients:

•      “I love having a complementary therapist on-site – it has been of huge benefit to my physical and mental well-being over the last year. I only wish there were more treatment slots available as it can be hard to get in for treatments.”

•      “It means a lot to me at least. Some time with no work in the head soothes and helps for the rest of the week. We all really appreciate the work you do.”

•      “Thank you very much for looking after us. We handle other people’s problems for a living, and with time it adds up and can be stressful. So with you as our complimentary therapist on site, it’s like XXX is offering us a reset button, to start over with a fresh energy and positive mind and body. So thank you for your tremendous help, and kindness, and it make me realise XXX looks very well after us. 

I was booked in by a friend because I was stressed out, then I booked 6 friends in, and they’re all looking forward to it a lot. 

I have no doubt that you will help them a lot.” 

It is clear from these first-hand testimonials that this service is valued and appreciated by the employees. Complementary therapies on-site are a very visible display of an organisations commitment to employee wellbeing on an on-going basis and its overall investment in corporate wellbeing.

If you are interested to explore how this would work in your workplace, get in touch; Belinda Murphy, 087 9584430,

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