Of course Size Matters!

Of course Size Matters!

It’s a question often posed by so many problem pages, fashion magazines…Does Size Matter? Of course it does; we all want more, more extra free, more bang for buck, more smore!

I recently made a big life change. I moved house. Not just any house. I finally moved Home to where home always was for me and it was one of my dreams. I moved from a 4/5 bedroom detached house in an estate outside a medium sized town in Ireland which was close to all conveniences; shops, cinema, schools etc. I lived in the house for 13 years and as much as I tried, it never felt like home. It had everything I could want, every modern gadget, beautiful kitchen with island, fabulous fireplace, wooden floors, lovely light fittings, little garden outside…but never home.

Then some may say I was mad and I’m ok with that these days. I’m getting better with time to not let the opinions of others bother me. We moved to a 177 year old 2 bedroom pre famine cottage. We restored this to a home with a small budget, hard work by my partner, my parents and I, lots of paint and bucket loads of love. This cottage is where my grandmother lived and her family before her. It is home. It is so small compared to the previous dwelling and we have had to seriously downsize and declutter which is not a bad thing. It really is amazing what we collect and think we ‘need’ compared to what we actually need; not a lot. I have a partner and three children and not only do we all ‘fit’ in the cottage, we all belong here and love that we are now part of its DNA, part of its story, part of its energy.

Size matters! I look at the size of our smiles now and I cannot put into words how it fills me up to see my partner and children truly smiling from their hearts. I hear the laughter and giggles of my children outside on the trampoline in the distance or playing with the dogs in the nearby fields and the sounds of freedom fill the air with utter love. I listen to the birds that abundantly surround us and feel part of their beautiful simple natural world. I see the size of my children’s eyes when I announce a rare trip to the cinema which was taken for granted before and it fills me with so my joy that they now know what gratitude is. I feel the size of our arms much bigger now that we have decluttered so much material stuff, we have made way for more…more love, more light, more laughter, more fun, more space, more of everything that matters.

Yes of course Size Matters and it truly boils down to what you are measuring. I used to measure the size of my life by the square footage of a building, the year of make of a car, my bank balance, rows of beautiful shoes and sparkly dresses. Now I measure the size of smiles, laughter, hugs, space, peace, freedom and lots and lots of unconditional love.

Home at last xxx  

Complementary Therapist on-site – not just ‘nice to have’

Wellbeing in the workplace is becoming more important for employers because of the impact to their bottom line. Organisations are beginning to understand the link between an engaged happy employee and performance on the job; equally the link between a stressed unproductive employee and absenteeism and illness.

So what do complementary treatments mean in a work environment? Masseuse on tap? Are there real benefits or just a nice to have rub every now and then?  

Investing in having a complementary therapist on-site results in employees having a tangible and visible support for their wellbeing especially their mental wellbeing in the workplace. Complementary therapies offer employees opportunity to destress, reboot and refocus which have a direct impact on employee morale and engagement.

B’inspire offers the following complementary therapies; Reiki, Holistic Massage, Energy Head Massage, Chair Massage (Head, Neck and Shoulders) and Mindfulness. All therapies are one-to-one except mindfulness which accommodates as many as can comfortably fit in a room. The Mindfulness sessions we offer consist of guided meditations to help employees reboot their systems and the results are powerful. Mindfulness sessions have maximum impact with minimum effort from employees, totally accessible and proven results that it works.

But don’t just take my word for it…testimonials from clients:

•      “I love having a complementary therapist on-site – it has been of huge benefit to my physical and mental well-being over the last year. I only wish there were more treatment slots available as it can be hard to get in for treatments.”

•      “It means a lot to me at least. Some time with no work in the head soothes and helps for the rest of the week. We all really appreciate the work you do.”

•      “Thank you very much for looking after us. We handle other people’s problems for a living, and with time it adds up and can be stressful. So with you as our complimentary therapist on site, it’s like XXX is offering us a reset button, to start over with a fresh energy and positive mind and body. So thank you for your tremendous help, and kindness, and it make me realise XXX looks very well after us. 

I was booked in by a friend because I was stressed out, then I booked 6 friends in, and they’re all looking forward to it a lot. 

I have no doubt that you will help them a lot.” 

It is clear from these first-hand testimonials that this service is valued and appreciated by the employees. Complementary therapies on-site are a very visible display of an organisations commitment to employee wellbeing on an on-going basis and its overall investment in corporate wellbeing.

If you are interested to explore how this would work in your workplace, get in touch; Belinda Murphy, 087 9584430,

Workplace Wellness – box ticking exercise?

Workplace Wellness day is upon us and the calendar fills up with bookings of talks and workshops clustered around this date. So, is this a fad? Something fashionable for a few short weeks, a box ticking exercise or is it real and genuine?

It all comes down to how your view Wellness in the Workplace on your balance sheet – is it a cost or is it an investment? Is this a short term, quick fix, band-aid type solution which doesn’t really mean anything other than marking some dates on a calendar, posting some pictures on internal systems and maybe a few on social media to look good? I have worked as Wellness Consultant in these organisations and know the story. There is a panic to do something, anything around certain public dates which the media deems as Wellness days and promote this profusely.

Equally, I have worked in organisations who value the wellness of their employees and constantly evaluate how they can improve it. These organisations see healthy and balanced employees as intrinsic to the productivity and growth of their business and thus invest in their people. They want their people to be happy and enjoy their work and know that employee engagement and morale correlates positively to ongoing wellness initiatives in the workplace and not just ad-hoc events.

If you are an organisation who values healthy employees and understands the benefits to the whole organisation and the bottom line, of employees who are happy and well, then I want to work with you! I can provide a customised Corporate Wellness Plan in place to suit your needs putting your employees wellness at the centre of the service. The services includes talks, workshops and on-site complementary therapies delivered on an on-going basis.  

If you wish to have a chat about how we can work together; email and let’s get the ball rolling! 

Belinda Murphy:

I have over seventeen years’ industry experience which includes seven years working in a corporate environment and eight years working with SME’s and three years self-employed and founder of B’inspire.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce from UCC, Masters in Business Studies from NUI Galway and Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from ILM. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, hold a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, Diploma in Holistic Massage and Fetac level 6 Train the Trainer. I operate my own private clinic treating clients on a one to one basis.

I apply wellness tools and training uniquely and creatively in the business environment as my business background equips me with a knowledge and first-hand experience of stress, anxiety, worry and politics in the workplace.

Pick your Step

“Pick your Step!” was a phrase my grandmother used to say all the time when trying to meander through our farm landscape. As you can imagine, the dirty and slippery surfaces were difficult to negotiate sometimes as a child. As an adult, surfaces are still dirty and slippery for me, so I am constantly brought back to her saying; Pick your Step.

Nana meant just pick one step at a time and the next will become clear and it always always worked.

As I sometimes wrestle with life decisions and uncertainty about which path to choose, I think of her.

I think about just decide one baby step at a time and the path will emerge. Life can throw all sorts of mucky, gritty, dangerous challenges at us but knowing I always get through them is more than enough for me to put one foot in front of the other in a very mindful way just focusing on the present moment, just focusing on one step at a time. Sometimes it may appear as if boulders have been placed in our way and we have no control over our path; know we can always choose our next step and sometimes its not the obvious ones…jump over, roll under, shimmy sideways, propel yourself forwards and upwards…endless options really once we think differently.  

Think one step at a time

Think one moment at a time

You have control of each step no matter how foreboding the external environment and the inclement conditions

Pick your Step!

Belinda Murphy is a Wellness Consultant bringing Wellness to your Business environment,, 087 9584430. 

Play the hand you are dealt

Did you ever play cards? More specifically, the card game 45? I was reared on it by my grandmother! Her phrase ‘Play the hand you are dealt’ ringing in my ears today so I feel compelled to honour her wisdom and put pen to paper.

In the card game 45, each player gets 5 random cards. When the player gets to view the cards, the player doesn’t know if they have a good hand, mediocre hand or bad hand until the game progresses. Each player keeps their hand secret from the other players. There are some sure trump cards and when they are viewed there is certainty around their weighting but until the game is played, even a trump card can be wasted.

Here’s what I know about the game of life to date. I have been dealt some cards and as I play the game of life, I am learning that some cards are fixed and others variable. What I mean by this (and my alluding to accounting language) is that some things in life are fixed and others are not. At one point I believed where I lived was fixed until I changed that last year to live in my dream, peaceful, wholesome location. Now my home is most definitely one of my trump cards which it wasn’t before then until I changed that. I used to be married and believed that was a fixed card but due to many issues, I changed that card and traded it for most definitely a trump card in my life partner. I have three children and without a shadow of a doubt each one of them enrich my life and also teach me so much and are for sure a trump card. Once upon a time, I didn’t have children but one day I got to be a Mommy and got a wonderful trump card to continue with as a fixed card in the rest of the game. I have other cards in my hand but I don’t know how they will roll in the game until the game actually takes place.

My grandmother would always dish out advise about the way we played as children; cleverly, cheating, cunning, lots more colourful terms. When the game was over, she would keep score and would mull over how we could have played better knowing what cards each other had. That’s the thing about life; you never know how things could have worked out until they have actually worked out.

It’s not about the cards you are dealt but how you play them.

Therefore her words ring in my ear…’Play the hand you are dealt’. 

Belinda Murphy, Wellness Consultant, 00353 87 9584430

Protecting yourself in Toxic Work Environments

I travel in and out of corporate environments all the time delivering talks and workshops on various topics regarding Corporate Wellness. I love what I do. I love engaging with people. I love sharing my story to help others. I love making a difference. Along with all that, I am a natural empath and feel energies. I teach Reiki which is a tool used to unblock and balance our own energies and I am very tuned into the energies around us.

I enter work places and I can read the energy immediately. Sometimes the vibes are so positive that they are almost tangible. Other times, I am sorry to say, the energy is toxic. I know that I can leave after my work is done however my heart goes out to the people who work in those toxic environments each and every single day. I used to work in such places so I am familiar with what it feels like. Sometimes it feels like it is all out of our control and we have no choice but to just put up with it. I have news for you…

While you may decide that leaving such a toxic environment is non-negotiable, please note that how you hold yourself, how you react, how you speak, your tone, your body language, your smile, your thoughts have a massive impact on yourself and those around you and this is something you most definitely can control.

If you do this and constantly try to keep positive but the energy around you is still stifling, here is a little tool that has helped me and countless others I have shared this with to help protect your own energy in a toxic environment. It can be used if you know you are going into a situation, a meeting, an interaction which you don’t feel comfortable about but must be done.

Take three deep breaths. By ‘deep’ I mean belly breaths where you see your chest get exaggerated big with each in-breath and your belly get exaggerated big with each out-breath. Sigh out any worry, anxiety or stress on the out-breath. Now close your eyes. (difficult to read the next bit and close your eyes lol!). Place your two feet on the ground and unfold your arms. Rest into your normal breath. Track your breath; in and out. Now imagine you are in a bubble of white light. In this bubble you are safe and protected. No negative energies can enter. You can give out your kind and compassionate energies but nothing negative can come in. Breath in the space of protection and safety within the bubble. Sit and enjoy this space to feel its peace.

Each time you need to go to a toxic environment just imagine you are in this bubble. ‘Practice makes perfect’ and overtime it will become a natural state. I generally do this as a mindful meditation with people and relax them into a state where they feel peace and calm so that imagining the bubble around them becomes easier and natural.  This technique when practiced often can become a powerful tool to enable you to continue to get your work done and not take on the toxic energies around you.

Do you ‘Get It’?

Wellbeing is intrinsic to your business.

Wellbeing is about how your people are, feel and think.

People make your business work.

Minding your people is paramount to success.

Wellbeing is the key.

Do you ‘get it’?

I have encountered so many organisations who see Wellbeing as a box ticking exercise to roll out events every now and again. Wellbeing is viewed as maybe a nice-to-have basket of fruit in the canteen, maybe an ice-cream van during the summer on-site or a visit from local pet centres. Wellbeing is portrayed as a tangible photographical object or event so management can say they ‘do’ Wellbeing.

I have news for you! That is not Wellbeing!

In my experience and interactions with various industries and organisations, Wellbeing is the intangible feeling, interactions, communications, chats, vibes, glue that are felt by all. Some call it culture. Call it what you want but it’s the feeling of wanting to come to work, of wanting to go over and above for someone for no monetary gain, of wanting to participate, of wanting to help, of wanting to share, of actual caring for people in the workplace. This can of course happen ad-hoc and in clusters and bursts but for long term effect on bottom line, people have got to feel that they are Well in the workplace. This is something that has to be practiced by every single person but most especially those in leadership.

Too often, Wellbeing is outsourced to Health and Safety or H.R. to ‘sort out’. For maximum productivity and engagement results in your organisation with best input from every single person, each person in leadership has got to practice minding their people and communicating with respect. Here’s the key; leadership actually have got to ‘care’ about their people…mind them, look after them. Sometimes that looks like a cup of tea, other times it looks like an ear to listen, other times its referral to therapists. It will look different each and every time because we are all so unique with needs that vary and change depending on our life circumstances.

Today, I’m asking you leaders of the future….do you care about your people?

If so, how do you show them?

Is it enough?

If you want help with designing your Corporate Wellness plan, please drop me a line; Belinda 00353 87 9584430.

There is a Place

“There is a place for everyone in this world”.

These were the words of wisdom imparted to me by my wonderful Nana many years ago when I was in a very low place. I had an eating disorder and in denial. I was mentally and emotionally confused and felt helpless. I was 15 years of age when my Nana said these words to me sitting on a stone wall on a beach we frequented during the summer months however on this hot day I refused to take my big chunky jumper off. It was partly me having zero confidence in myself and massive self-disgust in my appearance. She sat gently with me and said out of the blue in no logical context; ‘There is a place for everyone in this world’. In that moment, which I can still feel, I knew something had changed, something had lifted. It was as if just knowing there was a place for me was all I needed to hear. I didn’t need to know where the place was or how to get there. Just knowing there was a place for me in this world jolted me back into the present and I began to nourish my body later that day.

As the story unfolds, my Nana died tragically when I was 22 years old, hit by a car. We had no warning, no time for goodbyes. However, I did feel a huge urge to call her on the phone the night before for chats which was very unusual and that was my goodbye. The guy who was involved in the accident took it very badly which is totally understandable and attempted to take his own life. He was also 22 years of age and even though I didn’t know him, I felt I had to reach out. I wrote him a letter (something we used to do in the olden days!). I passed these words to him that Nana would have wanted him to hear ‘There is a place for everyone in this world’. It hit a cord and his reply was beautiful. I was so grateful to have had these words to impart, to share, to help heal.

Some years later when I went through more mental and emotional turmoil. I went back to those words of wisdom and the love and warmth of intention behind them. I felt held by Nana’s spirit as I navigated another challenge however once again just knowing there was a place for me coupled with lots of self-healing energy tools and a presence of mindfulness saw me through.

I can say now that I am pretty close to knowing where that place is only because I have navigated through many storms to find it. My place is precious to me and for me only. It is my purpose, my peace and my Being. I am discovering it every day.

For now, please take these words and breathe in their warmth, their love and their comfort so that you just know you have a place. A very special place only for you.

I wish you peace, love and light.

Belinda Murphy, Wellness Consultant, 00353 87 9584430,

Get Real!!

Get real!

Stop acting!

Stop pretending!

Stop faking!

Be you!

I have been faced with mortality right in the face in the past couple of hours. In that raw, heart torn-open space, I saw realness. I saw people let down their guard, take off their masks and stop pretending to be someone they are not. I saw genuine kindness. I saw humanity come to the fore and all grievances, preconceived judgments of another be dropped and the space be filled with so much love, light, hugs, eyes wrapping eyes in soul embraces and so many cups of tea!

Why does it take mortality to do this?

Why can we not do this every single day?

What can’t we just be ourselves?

Just a few hours before this event, I met someone for the first time who later said I was a ‘breath of fresh air’. All not so coincidentally, just a short time earlier, I had a phone call with someone for the first time who said it was refreshing to hear someone talk the truth.

Work is where we spend most of our waking day; why can’t we be ourselves at work? Lead with purpose, lead with integrity, stand up for our values, dare to make a difference, help others, be kind?

I am done with masks, done with pretending, done with playing games.

Life is for living, for loving and most especially for being ourselves.

Unapologetically ourselves actually!

If you are a leader who wants to help your team be themselves, lead with intention, be fulfilled in all aspects and genuinely care about your people…I want to talk to you! I can help you and your team be happier.

Belinda Murphy

Energy At First Sight

We have all heard of love at first sight. Many don’t believe in it and for years I fell into that category. I was skeptical that someone could be so certain about falling in love at the first moment they laid eyes on their future partner, let alone believe that it could be reciprocal, that was another matter altogether. Hindsight would prove to me that trusting my initial gut feeling regarding my potential partner would have been more fruitful but instead I listened to my head in the past and suffered dearly.

Time heals, lessons were learned and as I moved onwards and upwards energetically my approach to finding a new partner was very different. It was the day my legal judicial separation was granted where I spent the whole day in the legal realm and by close of business I was officially separated/ free. It was like my fairy godmother waved her magic wand and magic happened. I attended a work event that night so full of joy, freedom and happiness that I felt so open to all possibilities. I was involved in organising the event and as was normal for me I would usually make my presence known and move to the top of the room to be with the speakers and other organisers. Noting that everyone was in a standing not sitting position. However, I strangely noticed that I was moving from the top of the room backwards. It felt like someone was pulling me backwards away from the top of the room, away from the action, away from the egos. I obeyed. I completely trusted in this magnetic pull. It was like I was hovering above myself and couldn’t understand why I was going in the direction I was going. I couldn’t make logical sense of it. I just surrendered. Then I stopped. And found my glaze averted to my right, not to the speakers at the front of the room, not to the content of their talk but total concentration to my right. I sensed an energy that I liked but couldn’t explain. It was a pull. I couldn’t see the person but saw the outline. It was enough for me to make inquiries afterwards.

Three months later this individual that I was so magnetically drawn to contacted me to arrange a work meeting. I felt excited for no logical reason and couldn’t wait to meet him face to face. He didn’t disappoint. The minute I met him, I was met with his handshake but literally threw myself into his arms (work meeting!) like a reunion of sorts. Then I was locked in his magical green eyes for what seemed like an eternity. It was energy at first sight, feeling, embrace. It was totally magnetic. I did manage to pull myself away and engage in a work-like meeting but didn’t want the reunion to end.

That was exactly five years ago. I met my energy match. I met my soul mate. I met my twin flame. We got it together. We are so happy. We now have a little girl and our family of five is magical.

I believe in energy. I believe in magnetic push and pull from and to people. I believe in magic.

Thank you Fairy Godmother xxx