About Belinda

I have lots of titles but the one I am most comfortable with is ‘mommy’ to two fabulous boys and one little girl.

I started out my career life very focused on the business world and thus studied Commerce in UCC and then did a Masters in Business Studies in NUI Galway. I entered my work life like most college graduates as ‘green as the grass’ and no clue. I was blessed to work in a wonderful multinational organisation Glen Dimplex and was involved in setting up a new department along with my boss; Group Purchasing. I traveled lots, learned so much and believed everything was going smooth until I went back to work after maternity leave after my first son was born and couldn’t do what was expected of me; travel for work. I couldn’t leave my baby, just couldn’t. So, I handed in my notice after seven years and found another job as Enterprise Officer in Ballyhoura Development. This is an organisation in East Limerick and North Cork which helps businesses and community groups access government funding. I loved this position so much and I met amazing people who ultimately were following their dream and setting up their own business and something in their passion inspired me. After six years, an opportunity arose to become Business Development Manager of a new enterprise centre in County Limerick with a two year fixed term contract, so I accepted.

In the meantime, while all this looked really good on paper, good in the bank account and in a way, good in the public eye; it didn’t fulfill me. There was no spark, no passion, something was missing.

I don’t believe in coincidences and along the path, I met a lady who made sense of everything for me and I found what my true passion was; Holistic Health. I became a Reiki Master Teacher, did a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (bearing in mind I never even did Junior Cert Science!), did a diploma in Life Coaching and Mentoring and diploma in Holistic Massage. None of this made any sense on the outside; a Masters Business Graduate and fifteen years of business experience but to me it made perfect sense. I found what ignited my spirit. So once the fixed term contract was completed, I decided to be brave, be bold and jump!

I set up my own business which looks after employee engagement via Corporate Wellness Programmes incorporating mindfulness, complementary therapies and positive mental wellbeing talks and workshops in an environment which I am very comfortable in; the corporate business world.

I also have a private clinic B’inspire where I treat clients holistically and teach Reiki 1, 2, 3, mastership and master teacher. See www.binspire.ie for details.

I also set up Bella the Butterfly mindfulness for children while I was studying to be a Reiki Master Teacher as my children wanted to know everything I was learning and experiencing. I created Bella and recorded my first meditation for children and over the past few years, purpose has blossomed from that passion. See www.bellathebutterfly.ie for more details.

I absolutely love what I do.

The story is far from over and there is so much that I have glossed over however my blog posts will give you more of an insight.

Love and Light,

Belinda xxx